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Inversor XMFC 500

ParâmetrosItemParameterPower supplyRated supply voltagethree phase 380V ~ 480VAllowed voltage fluctuations-15%~+10%Rated supply frequency50/60HzAllowed Frequency Fluctuations±5%OutputMax output voltageThree-phase 380V~480V Go after the input voltageMax Output frequency500HzCarrier Frequency0.5

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Detalhes do Produto


Power supplyRated supply voltagethree phase 380V ~ 480V
Allowed voltage fluctuations-15%~+10%
Rated supply frequency50/60Hz
Allowed Frequency Fluctuations±5%
OutputMax output voltageThree-phase 380V~480V Go after the input voltage
Max Output frequency500Hz
Carrier Frequency0.5 ~ 16kHz (automatic adjustment according to the temperature, and the adjustment range differs for different models )
Overload capacity150% rated current 60s; 180% rated current 3s.
Basic FunctionsFrequency setting resolutionDigital setting: 0.01Hz Analog setting: max frequency × 0.025%
Control ModeOpen Loop Vector Control (SVC) V/F Control
Pull-in torque0.3Hz/150%(SVC)
Speed range1 : 200(SVC)
Speed Stabilizing accuracy±0.5%(SVC)
Torque boostAutomatic torque boost Manual torque increase 0.1% ~ 30.0%
V/F CurveThree ways: linear type; multi-point type; N-th power V/F curve (n=1.2, 1.4, 1.6, 1.8, 2)
Acceleration and deceleration curveLinear or S-curve acceleration and deceleration; Four kinds of acceleration and deceleration time. Adjustable range 0.0~6500.0S
DC brakingFrequency of DC braking: 0.00Hz ~ max frequency Braking time: 0.0s ~ 36.0s Braking action current value: 0.0% ~ 100.0%
Jogging controlJogging frequency range:0.00Hz ~ 50.00Hz Jog acceleration- deceleration time:0.0s ~ 6500.0s

Simple PLC, multi-stage speed operationUp to 16-stage speed operation via built-in PLC or control terminal
Built-in PIDImplementing closed-loop control in process control applications
Overvoltage and overcurrent stall controlAutomatically limit current and voltage during operation to prevent fault shutdown due to frequent over-current and over-voltage
Fast current limiting functionReduce overcurrent fault shutdown to ensure the normal operation of the frequency converter
Control interfaceDigital input5 multi-function digital inputs. One of which supports max 100kHz pulse input function
Analog input2 analog inputs. Both supporting 0 ~ 10V or 0 ~ 20mA analog input, switch voltage or current input via jumper
Digital output2 open-collector digital outputs. One of which supports max 100KHz square wave output
Analog output1 analog output. Supporting 0 ~ 10V or 0 ~ 20mA analog output, switch voltage or current output via jumper
Relay output1-channel relay output, including 1 normally open contact, 1 normally closed contact
Standard communication interface1 channel RS485 communication interface
Expansion interfaceFunction expansion interfaceConnectable to IO expansion card, PLC programmable expansion card, etc.
Operation panelLED digital display5-digit display of parameters and settings
Indicator light4 status indications, 3 unit indications
Button’s Function5 function buttons including 1 multi-function button. The function can be set via parameter P0 - 00
Shuttle KnobAdd, minus and confirm
Parameter copyFast upload and download parameters
Protective functionBasic protectionInput and output phase loss, overvoltage, undervoltage, overheating, overload, overcurrent, short circuit, voltage and current limiting, fast current limiting and other protection functions
EnvironmentOperation conditionIndoor, no conductive dust and oil, etc.
Operating ambient temperature-10°C ~ +40°C (40°C ~ 50°C, derate 1.5% for every 1°C increase in temperature
HumidityLess than 95% RH, no condensation
Operating altitudeNo derating below 1000m, derate by 1% for every 100m elevation above 1000m (<=1000m without derating, >1000m with current derating 1% per 100m)
Ambient temperature for Storage-20℃ ~ +60℃
VibrationLess than 5.9m/s² (0.6g)
Installation method Mounting modeWall-mounted or flush-mounted installation in the cabinet (Need to choose the appropriate installation accessories)
IP degree of protectionIP20


  • XFC500 series Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) uses high-performance DSP (Digital Signal Processors) as the control core and applies excellent performance speed sensorless vector control algorithm to achieve accurate control and regulation of asynchronous motors. The flexible and diverse expansion functions and high reliability design meet the requirements of a variety of applications and environments.

Método de Instalação

  • 1.Single machine installation


XFC500-3P4-**** GMounting Clearance (mm)
1K50G ~ 15K0GA1 ≥ 150B1 ≥ 10
18K5G ~ 160KGA1 ≥ 150B1 ≥ 30


XFC500-3P4-**** GMounting Clearance (mm)
185KG ~ 450KGA1 ≥ 150B1 ≥ 10B2 ≥ 20C1 ≥ 20

2. Side-by-side installation


XFC500-3P4-**** GMounting Clearance (mm)
1K50G ~ 15K0GA1 ≥ 150B1 ≥ 10C1 ≥ 10
18K5G ~ 160KGA1 ≥ 150B1 ≥ 30C1 ≥ 10

3. Up and down vertical installation


XFC500-3P4-**** GMounting Clearance (mm)
1K50G ~ 15K0GD1 ≥ 300
18K5G ~ 160KGD1 ≥ 400


Model XFC500-3P4-**** GMotor powerRated input capacity kVARated input current ARated output current A
1K50 G1.5kW2.0hp3.24.84
2K20 G2.2kW3.0hp4.56.85.6
4K00 G4kW5.4hp7.9129.7
5K50 G5.5kW7.4hp111613
7K50 G7.5kW10.1hp142117
11K0 G11kW14.8hp203025
15K0 G15kW20.1hp274133
18K5 G18.5kW24.8hp335040
22K0 G22kW29.5hp385745
30K0 G30kW40.2hp517761
37K0 G37kW49.6hp629474
45K0 G45kW60.3hp7511490
55K0 G55kW73.8hp91138109
75K0 G75kW100.6hp123187147
90K0 G90kW120.7hp147223176
110K G110kW147.5hp179271211
132K G132kW177.0hp167253253
160K G160kW214.6hp201306303
185K G185kW248.1hp233353350
200K G200kW268.2hp250380378
220K G220kW295.0hp275418416
250K G250kW335.3hp312474467
280K G280kW375.5hp350531522
315K G315kW422.4hp393597588
355K G355kW476.1hp441669659
400K G400kW536.4hp489743732
450K G450kW603.5hp550835822

Note: Please contact our sales staff for model selection of 500K and above.This is a paragraph

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