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Partida Suave de Motor de Baixa Tensão CMC-LX

Control Powerexternal: AC110~220V±15%, 50/60HZ, Pmax=30WBuilt-in: internal integrated control power supply, no need for externalThree-phase Powerstandard wiring AC 380V±15%, inner delta wiring AC 380V±15%Nominal Current18~1000A, with 22 rated valuesAdaptive Motoruniversal squirrel cage AC asynchr

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Detalhes do Produto

Control Powerexternal: AC110~220V±15%, 50/60HZ, Pmax=30W
Built-in: internal integrated control power supply, no need for external
Three-phase Powerstandard wiring AC 380V±15%, inner delta wiring AC 380V±15%
Nominal Current18~1000A, with 22 rated values
Adaptive Motoruniversal squirrel cage AC asynchronous motor
Start Ramp Modevoltage ramp start; current ramp start
Stop Modesoft stop and free stop
Logical Inputimpedance: 1.8Ω, power supply: +24V
Start Frequencyavailable for frequent or non-frequent start, no less than 10 times of start per hour is recommended
Protective Functionopen phase/phase failure, over current, short circuit, SCR protection, over heat, unbalanced phase current
Protection GradeIP00, IP20Cooling TypeAir natural, air forced
Mounting TypeWall mountedCommunicationRs485(optional)
When sea altitude exceeds 2000 meters, soft starter should be de-rated for use
Ambient Temperature-25~+45℃Relevant Humidity≤95% (20±5℃)
Free of combustible, explosive and corrosive gas, no conductive dust
Indoor installation, good ventilation, vibration <0.5G


  • CMC-LX series motor soft starter is a new type of motor starting and protection device that combines power electronic technology, microprocessor with automatic control. This type of soft starter can start or stop the motor smoothly without steps, avoid mechanical and electrical shocks caused by traditional staring methods such as direct star, △/Y start, self-coupling buck start, and effectively reduce the starting current and power distribution capacity, avoiding costs in expanding capacity. Besides, CMC-LX series motor soft starter has an internal integrated current transformer, so users do no need for external connection.

    Motor power: 7.5-530kW

Installation Diagram


Motor Parameters

Adaptive motor power (kW)Model of soft starterRated current (A)Model of bypass contactorSize of primary line (copper line)
7.5CMC-008-318CJX4-254 mm ²
11CMC-011-324CJX4-326mm ²
15CMC-015-330CJX4-3210mm ²
18.5CMC-018-339CJX4-4010mm ²
22CMC-022-345CJX4-5016mm ²
30CMC-030-360CJX4-6325mm ²
37CMC-037-376CJX4-8035mm ²
45CMC-045-390CJX4-9535mm ²
55CMC-055-3110CJX4-115F35mm ²
75CMC-075-3150CJX4-150F50mm ²
90CMC-090-3180CJX4-185F30x3 copper bar
110CMC-110-3218CJX4-225F30x3 copper bar
132CMC-132-3260CJX4-265F30x4 copper bar
160CMC-160-3320CJX4-330F30x4 copper bar
185CMC-185-3370CJX4-400F40x4 copper bar
220CMC-220-3440CJX4-500F40x4 copper bar
250CMC-250-3500CJX4-500F40x4 copper bar
280CMC-280-3560CJX4-630F40x4 copper bar
315CMC-315-3630CJX4-630F40x5 copper bar
400CMC-400-3780JWCJ20-80050x5 copper bar
470CMC-470-3920JWCJ20-100050x6 copper bar
530CMC-530-31000JWCJ20-100050x6copper bar

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