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ItemBasic parametersLoad Type3-phase high-voltage squirrel-cage asynchronous motor, synchronous motorAC voltage3000---10000VACWorking frequency50HZ / 60HZ ± 2HZPhase sequenceCMV allows to work in any phase sequence (can be set by parameter)Bypass ContactorContactor with direct starting capacityCont

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Detalhes do Produto

ItemBasic parameters
Load Type3-phase high-voltage squirrel-cage asynchronous motor, synchronous motor
AC voltage3000---10000VAC
Working frequency50HZ / 60HZ ± 2HZ
Phase sequenceCMV allows to work in any phase sequence (can be set by parameter)
Bypass ContactorContactor with direct starting capacity
Control powerAC/DC(110-220V)±15%
Transient overvoltage protectiondv/dt absorption network
Start frequency1-3 times/hour
Environmental conditionsAmbient temperature: -20-+50℃;
Relative humidity: 5%--95% non-condensing;
Altitude less than 1500 meters (more than 1500 meters need to be de-rated)


Protective function
Phase loss protectionDisconnects any phase of the mains supply during start-up or operation
Running overcurrent protectionOperating overcurrent protection setting: 20~500%
Phase current unbalance protection0~100%
Overload protectionOverload protection level: 10A、10、15、20、25、30、OFF
Underload protectionUnderload protection level: 0~99%; underload protection action time; 0~250S
Start timeoutStart time limit: 0~120S
Overvoltage protectionWhen the mains voltage is higher than 120% of the rated value
Under-voltage protectionWhen the mains voltage is lower than 70% of the rated value
Phase sequence protectionAllows to work under any phase sequence (can be set by parameters)
Ground protectionwhen the ground current is greater than the set value
Communication description
Communication protocolModbus RTU
Communication interfaceRs485
Network connectionEach CMV can communicate with 31 CMV devices
FunctionThrough the communication interface, you can observe the running status and program
Operation interface
DisplayLCD (liquid crystal) display/touch screen display
LanguageChinese and English
Keyboard6 touch membrane keys
Meters show
Mains voltageDisplay the three-phase mains voltage
Three-phase currentDisplay the three-phase main circuit current data record
Data record
Faultthe latest 15 fault information
Number of startsRecord the start times of the device


The three-in-one integrated design of switch cabinet, soft start cabinet and bypass cabinet is small in size and easy to install.

Standard configuration includes grid-side vacuum circuit breaker and bypass vacuum contactor, no need to configure operation cabinet or switch cabinet, reducing design cost.

Small size, the volume is 50%-60% of other soft starters in the same power, easy to install and save space. Suitable for being installed anywhere, and there’s no distance requirement from other equipment layout.

The cabinet is made of aluminum-zinc cladding, processed by CNC machine tool. It is completely metal armored and has assembled structure. The cabinet has a wide range of combination schemes and adopts advanced multiple folding process, which is connected by rivet nut and bolt. It has the feature of high precision, corrosion resistance, light weight, high strength, and versatile components. 

The starter can be equipped with domestic ZN63A-12(VSI) series or imported VD4 series vacuum circuit breaker, with wide applicability, high reliability, and long-term maintenance-free.

Various types of handcarts are changed according to the modular building blocks to ensure that carts of the same specification can be freely interchanged, and carts of different specifications must not enter. It has highly-reliable interlocking device, fully meet the requirements of “five preventions”.

The circuit breaker chamber and the cable chamber can be equipped with heater respectively to prevent condensation and corrosion.

Each high-pressure chamber has a pressure relief channel to ensure personal safety.

The front door is equipped with an observation window, which can observe the working status of indoor components.

Protection Grade: IP40

Note: the circuit breaker can be pulled out, but the valve body cannot be pulled out.

Motor Parameters

Rated voltageModelRated current (A)Dimensions(mm)

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